Overseeding Program

Pro Plus “Wetter Water” 11% surfactant for fertigation

Download: Overseeding handout PDF

Wet the water so that seeds become saturated sooner. The results will be:

a) less washing and floating

b) faster and more even germination.

Apply “Wetter Water” for 2 nights following spreading seed. Average is 60 gal/night X 2 = 120 gal.


Pro Plus “Pop up Minibulk” 11 37 0 polyphosphate 250 gal

No matter how much phosphate is available to plants with mature root systems, University research has shown that a small amount of available phosphate at germination hastens maturity and promotes healthy rooting and leaf formation. Apply over 5 to 7 days through fertigation system. Start at first signs of seed germination. 250 Gallons/100 acres


WinMax Natural Organic Nitrogen 6 2 0

Take green to the Max! Naturally Slow release, non burning, low odor and low dust. Fantastic for bunkers, tees, fairways and roughs. Available in bulk and bags.

Pro Plus 29 0 0 3S, 7.5 tons

A pound of N hastens maturity of winter grasses so that it can support a ball and withstand traffic. Apply over 3 to 6 weeks depending on temperature. The warmer the weather, the lower the rate and the longer the application. If weather dictates, a second tank of 29-0-0-3S may be needed.

Pro Plus “Hi Iron” - 7.5 tons/month through season

Pro Plus “Hi -Iron” analysis (12-0-0-1Fe) can do an exceptional job without fear of Iron “staining”. By choosing a high Nitrogen analysis (20-0-0-1Fe) a “kick” is available after a freeze or long cold spell. When weather is warm and Bermuda grass is active choose an analysis with Potash (11-0-4-1Fe).

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