Wetter Water

Turfgrass Drought Stress Management

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It’s Dry in Florida. Do you need

Wetter Water?

Proplus has developed a unique drought stress management program that aids in wetting hydrophobic areas of Turfgrass. 

Proplus has formulated an organic, non-ionic surfactant to be used through fertigation systems.  Proplus’ wetting agent wets the irrigation water so that root growth and microbial activity can continue in a natural manner, therefore we named it Wetter Water.

Normal practice has been to apply concentrated wetting agents to the turf surface.  Irrigation water absorbs small amounts of the wetting agent as the water droplets come in contact with the soil and turf. The practice uses more chemical, puts more chemical products in contact with turf, and most is eventually broken down by microbes before water droplets absorb it.


The Proplus Wetter Water program wets the irrigation water and reduces the surface tension of the droplets before it reaches the soil.  The amount of surfactant used is only enough to wet the irrigation water normally applied.  Therefore, the accurate application reduces water usage, reduces chemical usage, and most importantly, reduces cost.  Soil microbes naturally break down Proplus Wetter Water so large amounts of the surfactant are never present in the root zone or on the plant leaf surface.




1000 GPM (pump station output x 60 =             60,000 GPH

Ration of Proplus Surfactant needed (multiplier) = X.0001

Gallons of proplus Wetter Water  needed =                   6 GPH


As a starting point, the typical fertigation pump will need to be set as 12%.  The amount injected can be compared to the water pumped.  Make adjustments on the fertigation pump until material usage and water usage meet formula.  Experience has shown that one or two applications per week will significantly reduce drought stress.  

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